Access to basic medical facilities and regular medical check-ups are key towards achieving health goals of a country. The well-being of its citizens implies a holistic progression in a country’s development. The Foundation organizes several medical camps in the slum areas every year in order to reach out to the low-income groups. Giving them access to regular medical check-ups and distributing required medicines. Till date 12586 people benefited from this initiative. Several blood donation camps are also organized in different places through the foundation’s initiative ‘Aarogyam.’

The Foundation actively participated in the Covid Relief activities by providing healthcare support with beds, oxygen cylinders and ventilators.

Malnutrition is another issue that has been identified as one of the severe social problems faced by poverty-stricken groups. As a way of addressing this issue, the Foundation started an initiative of distributing nutritional supplements to nutrition deprived children every month.

The Foundation also has taken up the initiative to supply nutritious food to HIV infected children every month.