As a token of respect, KC Pullaiah Foundation initiated conferring KC Pullaiah Memorial National Awards to eminent personalities in the year 2013. This initiative is to recognize and honor the distinguished personalities who contributed to Arts and Culture, Education, and Social Development. The areas for Conferring this Award were further expanded in 2019 with the inclusion of conferring awards on the Eminent personalities committed to the Conservation of the Environment.

The Foundation believes in the most outstanding contribution of Art and Culture in nurturing the value system in society. Artistic creativity liberates the human mind by embracing tolerance in accommodating diversity. The Foundation contributes its bit in recognizing and honoring distinguished personalities from art and culture by conferring the KALAA RATHNA award.


KC Pullaiah Garu was deprived of the opportunity of getting an education due to poverty in his childhood. Therefore, when he emerged as a successful entrepreneur, he liberally extended financial support to poor children to continue their education. This legacy of KC Pullaiah Garu is deeply imbibed in the ideology and functioning of the KC Pullaiah Foundation. Therefore, the Foundation, apart from implementing its own programs in helping the children financially to continue their education, is conferring the VIDHYA RATHNA award to the individuals who are contributing to the development of quality and inclusive education.

The contribution of public-spirited citizens to social development, thereby accelerating the development of the individuals with tremendous positive influence, is always lauded. Though many of them are decently acknowledged in the pages of history, some of them remain unsung heroes. In this regard, the Foundation started the SEVA RATHNA award for recognizing and honoring distinguished individuals who are dedicating their lives to work for the betterment of society.

KC Pullaiah Garu always considered these areas essential in creating an ideal society. And the legends committed to working for the development of these sectors need to be honored with appropriate recognition. Adding to the list of awards, the Foundation initiated another important award HARITHA RATHNA in 2019 to honor environmental activists.

The award distribution ceremony is organized at Proddatur, YSR District – KADAPA, on 22nd March of every year, which is Memorial Day of our beloved founder chairman Late Shri. K.C. Pullaiah Garu.