25th April 2022

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KCPF Panel Meeting with AP HRC

Team KC Pullaiah Foundation headed by its CEO along with other delegates comprising of Transmen and Transwomen, Men Sex with Men community met the AP HRC panel comprising of Justice Shri. M Seetha Rama Murthy, Chairman, Justice Shri. D Subhramaniyam, Member (Judicial) , Justice Shri. Gochipata Srinivasa Rao Member (non Judicial) Smt. Sunitha, Section Officer Shri. Ravi Teja, PRO Shri. Narasimha Kumar, Nodal Officer in Kurnool.

The discussions included the key issues and challenges which are being faced by the LGBTQIA+ which include problems faced by them in social inclusion, brutal attacks on LGBTQIA+ & not having proper identity proofs to the community.

The panel after having an attentive hearing promised to sincerely look into the issues raised by the representatives and take immediate steps to resolve the issues raised and also to start a help desk for the community in providing the required identity proofs to them and also to organize regular state-level advocacy programs to bring awareness among the general public as well as the community people.

Further, the chairman shared with the representative formats to give complaints and post to SHRC in case the police are not filing FIR against crimes committed on them, or the existing laws are not able to properly protect the rights and resolve the issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ and in case they are not able to access the access housing loans and other social welfare schemes and benefits, etc.

Anil Kamisetty, Susheel Kumar Kamisetty, Challa Sudha Somaiah, Vasu Parim, Nikhil Parim