27th June 2022

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Ration distributed to sex workers, transgenders

KC Pullaiah foundation in collaboration with Tech Mahindra and Project Management Institute distributed dry rations to sex workers, transgender persons, single women suffering with HIV and others on Sunday.

Justice G Chandraiah, Commissioner, Telangana Human Rights Commission was the chief guest at the event. Over 800 community members received the dry ration kits.

According to the foundation, the support was essential to these communities for many reasons, as they are already marginalized groups whose only option for survival is begging and sex work and the Covid pandemic has added a new layer of desolation ending their livelihood.

Social distancing restrictions is restricting their daily source of income and is pushing them further into poverty making them much more vulnerable and increasing their risk to HIV many folds. The Foundation felt that giving them rations would not only give them food security but also reduce their risk.

Anil Kumar, Secretary KC Pullaiah Foundation said, "For the Foundation, it was just the beginning of their committing to support the High Risk Groups (HRGs), Transgender and HIV+ Single Women and would take lead to support them in future too."