A paradigm shift in an individual's attitude is essential to achieve greater heights in life. Defining one's personal needs, identifying the different sources available, drawing unwavering motivation to work consistently to reach the goals are essential qualities particularly for the students and youth to fulfil their dreams.

Our aim is to Educate, Develop and Empower children, Women and Young adults. So that, they can become the torch-bearers and pave new paths towards holistic and sustainable development goals with their skills.

In this regard, the Foundation stepped forward to give wings to the aspirations of young minds with several Empowerment programs under the flagship program SAPHALA.

These programs have proved to be an invaluable contribution by adding fresh perspective and boosting positive attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of the attendees. These programs were proved to be quite popular among both the underprivileged students and professionals in various fields.

As of now, more than 40,000 people have been empowered by this initiative.