The Covid-19 Pandemic has created havoc in the lives of many people across the globe. Millions of people lost their livelihoods; hunger and poverty loomed over the entire world. While many suffered during this time period, the people from vulnerable communities such as Sex Workers, LGBTQI, HIV patients, and differently-abled persons dwelling in poverty were the worst-hit during the pandemic. With nothing to support their livelihood and no access to food and other essentials, their life could be described as miserable. KC Pullaiah Foundation recognized this issue and decided to reach the aforementioned vulnerable groups and support them during this period. In collaboration with Tech Mahindra Foundation, the KC Pullaiah Foundation distributed 4500 dry ration kits to vulnerable communities. About 2000 kits were distributed to the transgender communities in the state of Telangana, and 2500 kits were distributed to Sex Workers, LGBTQI and differently-abled communities in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The Foundation, along with other stakeholders, i.e. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, HRC, WCD, MEPMA, DRADA, Health Ministry, and other NGOs through Public-Private Partnership (PPP), has played an instrumental role in formulating the policies for the welfare of LGBTQI, Sex Workers, PLHIV, PLWD. The Foundation has made several efforts in creating sustainable livelihood facilities by creating employment and self-employment opportunities for these communities.

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